Peel Off Censored News

Taking over a two page magazine spread where the stickers resemble a restricted picture of news. To show that New York Times give readers the full picture, people can read the whole story when peeling off the stickers.

Along The Way - NYT Stories

Millennials often believe there’s not enough time for a podcast or it’s annoying having to pause it, pick it back up later and lose the momentum of the story. By an integrated collaboration with Google Maps, New York Times will suggest podcasts that have the exact duration you need to get to your destination. 



If you never read more than you have to, you’ve probably done some stupid Google searches in the past. To highlight this, people can confess their most embarrassing one’s with and they have a chance to win a lifetime subscription of Ny Times. The searches will appear immediately on a responsive digital billboard.

NYT Newsbot - A Conversation About The News

To help millennials decipher the news and test their knowledge, a Facebook Messenger Newsbot will strike up a chat about recent news events in the world and depending on what they know, fill in their knowledge gaps.

The Newsbot also goes beyond Facebook Messenger through an integration with Alexa from Amazon.

The Real Viral chrome extension - Discover The News That Never Made The News

The internet is filled with banner ads of the best laundry detergent ever, the most effective insurance, and sweatshirts that will change your life. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Real Viral is a free chrome extension that filters out invasive ads and replaces them with news that’s been hiding under the radar.