You are what you read. 

THE REAL VIRAL -  Discover The News That Never Made The News

Good or bad, there are many news articles that never see the light of day because of censorship and corruption. The Real Viral is a free chrome extension that filters out invasive ads and replaces them with worldwide news that’s been hiding under the radar.


ALONG THE WAY - News Stories That Adapts To Your Schedule

Podcasts are more popular than ever. But most people don't have the time for a full podcast or it's annoying having to pause it, pick it back up later and lose the momentum of the story. Through an integrated partnership through Google Maps, The NYT will suggest podcasts with the exact duration you need to get to your destination. 



#DUMBSEARCHES - The Dumber, The Better

If you never read more than you have to, chances are you've probably done a few "stupid" Google searches in the past. To highlight this, people can confess their most embarrassing searches and have a chance to win a lifetime subscription of the NYT. 



NYT NEWSBOT - A Conversation About The News

To make it easier for young people to decipher the news and increase their knowledge, the Facebook NYT Newsbot will strike up a chat about recent news events in the world and fill in the knowledge gaps.

The Newsbot also goes beyond Facebook Messenger through an integration with Alexa.