The word “adventure” comes with a certain pressure. It often feels like it should be difficult, far away, or even dangerous.

In reality, it’s closer than we think. So to launch the Volvo V60 Cross Country — a car made for adventure — we made all kinds of adventures available at the click of a button. By integrating over 580 adventures into the Volvo On Car App, it sends live directions to the car’s GPS. Which then calculates 3-5 adventures close to the driver. And most importantly, makes it easy to get there.

Because the greatest adventure might be right in front of us.


We created a film that raises questions about the way we all look adventures. What it means and what it really could mean. (Swedish version)

An English version of the same film. It’s unmastered so it sounds a bit scrappy.

No matter where people went, they could find an adventure nearby.