This project started with an uncomfortable truth: most cars are mainly tested on male crash test dummies. As a result, women are more likely to be injured. But not when it comes to Volvo. Because they have collected data since the 1970s — regardless of gender or body shape — their cars protect all people equally.

2019 marked 60 years since Volvo gave away their safety belt patent. Rather than celebrating history, we thought: what if we could make cars safer for everyone, once again? And that’s how the EVA Initiative was born.

We gathered all of Volvo’s safety research and made it available to everyone. But we had to make the data more human, so we created EVA who became the female embodiment of the data; a face behind the facts. We then showed how this inequality personally affects women with film, print, social, outdoor, and much more.


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The Sunday Times, Adweek, Ad Age, Ad Age: Most Creative Brand Ideas, CBC, TechRadar, Resumé


A case study showing how the campaign came together.

A launch film and choreography based on the most common car crashes for women.


On the website, everyone can download the research and learn more about the project.


But we didn’t stop there. We also created a print ad that literally shows how likely you are to survive a car crash.

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Overall, the campaign sparked a global conversation about equal road safety and other carmakers even embraced it. But most importantly, over 17,000 people have downloaded the data so far, which gives hope that EVA will continue to improve the safety of women in all cars.

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